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Wear this striking 3-in-1 jewellery above or below your knee or as a necklace. This beautifully crafted adornment features adjustable parts that can suit both your neck and leg.

- Gold vermeil (18K Gold plated 925 Sterling silver)

- Diameter: 118 / 125 mm, Large side height: 15 mm,   Small side height: 8 mm

- Made in France



The Akan people have used the lost-wax, or “cire-perdue”, casting method for centuries. Today’s beads and ornaments are still made by this ancient method in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. To make a bead or a pendant, the craftsman first makes a model from beeswax, usually forming it from thin wax threads. In the Southeast of Côte d’Ivoire, Akan craftsmen only use wax threads to make ornaments. The arrangement of these wax threads on beeswax models is what we call “Akan stripes”

Stripes are a key element in Akan Jewellery. They are the artisan’s signature and a form of spiritual and artistic expression. LINES is inspired by Akan stripes, lines, and body.

Discover beautifully crafted pieces such as the lip jewellery or the knee jewellery, a curated collection of body adornments by OHIRI.


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s i l v e r j e w e l l e r y

Pure sterling silver requires proper care and cleaning to maintain its initial luster and brilliance. Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and the body oils of the wearer. Discoloration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth.

g o l d p l a t e d j e w e l l e r y

To extend the life of your gold plated and/or vermeil jewellery, avoid wearing it when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, or using harsh cleaning supplies. To clean your jewellery, buff it gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Do not use jewellery cleaner on gold plated jewellery.


r e u s e d

Our jewels are designed with the idea that they can be worn or reused in many ways.

e t h i c a l

We are very transparent about where our products are made and who are the craftsmen who make them. We try to ensure that all artisans we work with, directly or indirectly, have decent working conditions and fair wages and treatment.

e n v i r o n n e m e n t a l

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.