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A textured necklace. Make this delicate piece a daily companion to elevate your basics and accentuate eveningwear.

- Rhodium plated Sterling silver

- Chain length:  450mm, Pendant measurements: 15x2x28mm

- Made in France


SIKA (which means "gold") occupies a central place in the Akan culture. Alive in the state of nugget, dead in the state of powder, SIKA is assimilated to a living being in perpetual motion. HE is a way to communicate with the divine, and a materialization of life forces.

SIKA is inspired by the place of Gold in our current societies. A series of jewelry that features human body and gold. Textured jewelry refers to exploded nuggets that roam human body.


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s i l v e r j e w e l l e r y

Pure sterling silver requires proper care and cleaning to maintain its initial luster and brilliance. Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and the body oils of the wearer. Discoloration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth.

g o l d p l a t e d j e w e l l e r y

To extend the life of your gold plated and/or vermeil jewellery, avoid wearing it when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, or using harsh cleaning supplies. To clean your jewellery, buff it gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Do not use jewellery cleaner on gold plated jewellery.


r e u s e d

Our jewels are designed with the idea that they can be worn or reused in many ways.

e t h i c a l

We are very transparent about where our products are made and who are the craftsmen who make them. We try to ensure that all artisans we work with, directly or indirectly, have decent working conditions and fair wages and treatment.

e n v i r o n n e m e n t a l

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.